Discovery Server Announcement using mDNS

Provide mDNS functionality to announce a Server with its capabilities. The capability identifiers and the use of mDNS records for the purpose of OPC UA Discovery is specified in Part 12. Note that this functionality is only required for Servers that do not register with an LDS. The use of capability identifiers in mDNS records is specified in Part 12; the complete list can be found in

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Discovery Server Announcement using mDNS - 1 Test Cases
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Lab Launch the UA Server and observe the behavior of the Server as it announces its availability via mDNS.
Use Wireshark to observe mDNS
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Server announces itself on the subnet while specifying some ServerCapabilityIdentifiers that accurately describe the servers' capabilities, e.g. HA, DA, etc.


Use a Client to call FindServers on a subnet discovery server. Note: Discovery-ME server exists on the subnet and therefore should intercept the announcement from the server.

The server is listed in the discovery servers' response.