Base Info SemanticChange

The Server supports SemanticChangeEvent for some Properties. This includes setting the SemanticChange Bit in the status when a semantic change occurs, such as a change in the engineering unit associated with a value.

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Base Info SemanticChange - 2 Test Cases
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CTT Unavailable  Write a new value to a property (e.g. EngineeringUnits, EURange, changing an enum description). Call Publish(). Find a node that has such properties that can be written to. If the Write() succeeds then one of the Publish() calls should contain the SemanticChangeEvent; otherwise the Write() will fail with an appropriate error such as Bad_UserAccessDenied, Bad_WriteNotSupported, or Bad_NotWritable and then no need to call Publish(). If the SemanticChangeEventType is raised then it correctly identifies the node that has changed. Note: If a CTT script cannot complete due to receiving one of the above error codes, then it should flag the tester (via “addSkipped”) that the tests need to be conducted manually.


Lab Using whatever means are available, change the semantic for a given node. A subscription exists in a Client that will be notified when the semantic changes on the given node. The event is received.