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Supports Alarm & Condition model ConditionType.

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A & C Basic - 5 Test Cases
Test Case Id Test Type Keywords Test Case Description Test Requirements Expected Result


CTT Unavailable  Check the object type definition exists in the Type system (address space) and that it complies with the official definition (check the specification).

SpecLink: Part 9->Table 7
All references, properties, methods, and sub-types match the definition. All mandatory items exist and are correct. All optional items are checked for compliance ONLY IF they exist.


CTT Unavailable  Check any derived types, ensure that generate Alarm/Conditions comply with the expected structure of the parenet type. SpecLink: Part 9->Table 7 ALL mandatory items exist and are correct, and any optional items that exist do comply.


CTT Unavailable  Check alarms/conditions that are reported comply with the type definition when "IsAbstract=False"; if "IsAbstract=True" then no Alarm/Condition are recieved. Only non-abstract alarms/conditions are generated.
SpecLink: Part 9->Table 7


Lab For conditions that are Active, change the Quality of a condition such as disconnecting from the alarm source (e.g. PLC etc.)
A ConditionType event notification is received. Service Result=Good; Operation Result = StatusCode in the event is Bad_NoCommunicationError

SpecLink: 5.5.2-


CTT Unavailable  Validate condition notifications Trigger or enable server condition generation. Note that it is not necessary that condition instances exist in the address space - this is processing captured alarm/Conditions.
Step #
Expected Result(s)


Server produces condition notifications. Validate condition notification components as described below. Service Result=Good; Spec Link: 5.5.2-


Component: ConditionClassId

Verify the ConditionClassId (the nodeId of a ConditionClassType) exists in the type system (note - may be BaseConditionClasstype if no specific condition class is assigned). Service Result=Good, SpecLink=5.5.2, 5.9.x


Component: ConditionClassName

Verify ConditionClassName matches the display name of the ConditionClassType. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.2, 5.9.x


Component: ConditionName

Verify the presence of ConditionName (note - may be the ConditionType browse name). ServiceResult=Good, SpecLink=5.5.2


Component: BranchId

Verify a NULL BranchId field for notifications which relate to the current state of the condition instance. BranchId field may be non-NULL when the server supports "Previous Instances" Facet. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.2, 5.5.3


Component: Retain

Verify that Retain is set to FALSE. Retain may be set to TRUE where the server supports Acknowledgeable conditions or Alarms. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.2


Component: EnabledState

EnabledState is set TRUE or FALSE. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.2, 5.5.4, 5.5.5


Component: LastSeverity

Verify LastSeverity holds a non-negative value <=1000. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.2


Component: Comment; TestRequirements: If possible, for one or more conditions have a comment.

Comment may be NULL. Verify the comment value is applied. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.3


Component: ClientUserId; TestRequirements: If possible, for one or more conditions change the comment.

Verify the ClientUserId (based on the UserIdentityToken) is applied. ClientUserId may be NULL in the case of an anonymous UserIdentityToken. ServiceResult=Good; SpecLink=5.5.4