"Embedded DataChange Subscription Server Facet" Profile

 Description This Facet specifies the minimum level of support for data change notifications within subscriptions. It includes limits which minimize memory and processing overhead required to implement the Facet. This Facet includes functionality to create, modify and delete Subscriptions and to add, modify and remove Monitored Items. As a minimum for each Session, Servers shall support one Subscription with up to two items. In addition, support for two parallel Publish requests is required. This Facet is geared for a platform such as the one provided by the Micro Embedded Device Server Profile in which memory is limited and needs to be managed.
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Server/EmbeddedDataChangeSubscription

This page lists the conformance units of the selected profile with their name and description.
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Subscription Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Subscription Basic Support the following Subscription Services: CreateSubscription, ModifySubscription, DeleteSubscriptions, Publish, Republish and SetPublishingMode.   Open
Subscription Minimum 1 Support at least 1 Subscription per Session.
This number has to be supported for all of the minimum required sessions.
Subscription Publish Min 02 Support at least 2 Publish Service requests per Session.
This number has to be supported for all of the minimum required sessions. Support of a NotificationMessage retransmission queue is not required; if not available the Republish Service returns Bad_MessageNotAvailable.
Subscription PublishRequest Queue Overflow If the maximum supported number of PublishRequests has been queued and a new PublishRequest arrives, the "oldest" PublishRequest has to be discarded by returning the proper error.   Open

Monitored Item Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Monitor Basic Support the following MonitoredItem Services: CreateMonitoredItems, ModifyMonitoredItems, DeleteMonitoredItems and SetMonitoringMode.   Open
Monitor Value Change Support creation of MonitoredItems for Attribute value changes. This includes support of the IndexRange to select a single element or a range of elements when the Attribute value is an array.   Open
Monitor Items 2 Support at least 2 MonitoredItems per Subscription where the size of each MonitoredItem is at least equal to size of Double.   Open
Monitor QueueSize_1 This ConformanceUnit does not require queuing when multiple value changes occur during a "publish period".
I.e. the latest change will be sent in the Notification.