"A & C Alarm Client Facet" Profile

 Description This Facet defines the ability to use the alarming model (the AlarmType or any of the sub-types).
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Client/ACAlarm

This page lists the conformance units of the selected profile with their name and description.
Conformance units that are inherited via included Profiles are not listed by default. Use the following radio buttons to change this default behaviour.

Alarms and Conditions
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
A & C Acknowledge Client Understands the Acknowledge concept and the AcknowledgeableCondition Type, and uses the Acknowledge Method if requested.   Open
A & C Confirm Client Understands the concept of confirming Conditions and uses the Confirm Method.   Open
A & C Comment Client Understands the concept of Comments and uses the AddComment Method.   Open
A & C Alarm Client Understands the concept of Alarms and uses the mandatory features of the AlarmCondition Type,   Open
A & C Shelving Client Understand the shelving model and use the TimedShelve, OneShotShelve and Unshelve Methods.   Open
A & C Suppression Client Understand the SuppressedState model.   Open
A & C Suppression by Operator Client Use the Suppress and UnSuppress Methods to allow an operator control over the SuppressedState.   Open
A & C Silencing Client Understand the SilencedState model and use the Silence Method.   Open
A & C Out Of Service Client Understand the OutOfServiceState model and use the OutOfService Method.   Open
A & C On-Off Delay Client Uses the OnDelay and OffDelay Properties to eliminate nuisance Alarms.   Open
A & C Re-Alarming Client Understand and use the ReAlarmTime and ReAlarmRepeatCount Properties. Configure the ReAlarmTime Property for automatic re-annunciation of an Alarm. Note that configuration is only possible for Servers that expose Alarm instances.   Open
A & C First in Group Alarm Client Use the "FirstInGroup" elements for an Alarm to determine which Alarm of a group was the trigger.   Open
A & C Audible Sound Client Use the AudibleSound Property and - if reported - play the sound file.   Open
A & C Discrete Client Uses Discrete Alarm types.   Open
A & C OffNormal Client Uses OffNormalAlarmType.   Open
A & C SystemOffNormal Client Uses SystemOffNormalAlarmType.   Open
A & C Trip Client Uses TripAlarmType.   Open
A & C Discrepancy Client Uses Discrepancy Alarm type.   Open