"Event Subscriber Client Facet" Profile

 Description This Facet defines the ability to subscribe for Event Notifications. This includes basic AddressSpace concept and the browsing of it, adding events and event filters as monitored items and adding subscriptions.
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Client/EventSubscriber

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Address Space Model
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Address Space Client Base Uses and understands the NodeClasses with their Attributes and behaviour as defined in Part 3. This includes for instance: Object, ObjectType, Variable, VariableType, References and DataType. This includes treating BrowseNames and String NodeIds as case sensitive.   Open

View Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
View Client Basic Browse Uses Browse and BrowseNext Services to navigate through the Server's OPC UA AddressSpace. In order to navigate efficiently through big address spaces we recommend to make use of the referenceTypeId and the nodeClassMask to specify the needed References.   Open
View Client TranslateBrowsePath Uses the TranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIds Service to identify the NodeIds for Nodes where a starting Node and a BrowsePath is known. Makes use of bulk operations rather than multiple calls whenever possible.   Open

Subscription Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Subscription Client Basic Use the Subscription and MonitoredItem Service Set as an efficient means to detect changes of Attribute values and / or to receive Event occurrences.
Set appropriate intervals for publishing, keep alive notifications and total Subscription lifetime.
Supply a sufficient number of Publish requests to the Server so that Notifications can be sent whenever a publish timer expires.
Acknowledge received Notifications with subsequent Publish requests.
Subscription Client Republish Evaluate the sequence number in Notifications to detect lost Notifications.
Use Republish to request missing Notifications.
Subscription Client Modify Allow modification of the Subscription configuration using the ModifySubscription Service.   Open
Subscription Client Multiple Use multiple Subscriptions to reduce the payload of individual Notifications.   Open

Monitored Item Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Monitor Client Events Use the MonitoredItem Service Set to create MonitoredItems for Event notifications.   Open
Monitor Client Event Filter Use the Event filter when calling CreateMonitoredItems to filter the desired Events and to select the columns to be provided for each Event Notification.   Open
Monitor Client Complex Event Filter Use of the 'TypeOf' complex Event filter operator.   Open
Monitor Client Modify Use ModifyMonitoredItems Service to change the configuration setting.
Use SetMonitoringMode Service to disable / enable sampling and / or publishing.
Monitor Client Trigger Use the Triggering Model if certain items are to be reported only if some other item triggers.
Use proper monitoring mode for these items.
Use SetTriggering Service to link these items to the trigger item.