"Security Time Synchronization" Profile

 Description This Facet indicates that the application supports the minimum required level of time synchronization to ensure secure communication. One of the optional time synchronization ConformanceUnits must be supported.
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Security/TimeSync

This page lists the conformance units of the selected profile with their name and description.
Conformance units that are inherited via included Profiles are not listed by default. Use the following radio buttons to change this default behaviour.

Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile
Time Sync – Configuration Application supports configuring acceptable clock skew.  
Time Sync – NTP Application supports time synchronization via the Network Time Protocol (NTP).  
Time Sync – OS based support Application supports time synchronization via features of a standard operating system.  
Time Sync – UA based support An application makes use of the responses header timestamp provided by a configured well know source, such as a Discovery Server to synchronize the time on the application and that this time synchronization occurs periodically. Use of this TimeSyncing can be configured.