"Standard Event Subscription Server Facet" Profile

 Description This Facet specifies the standard support for subscribing to events and is intended to supplement any of the FullFeatured Profiles. Support of this Facet requires the implementation of Event Types representing the Events that the Server can report and their specific fields. It also requires at least the Server Object to have the EventNotifier Attribute set. It includes the Services to Create, Modify and Delete Subscriptions and to Add, Modify and Remove Monitored Items for Object Nodes with an “EventNotifier Attribute”. Creating a monitoring item may include a filter that includes SimpleAttribute FilterOperands and a select list of Operators. The operators include: Equals, IsNull, GreaterThan, LessThan, GreaterThanOrEqual, LessThanOrEqual, Like, Not, Between, InList, And, Or, Cast, BitwiseAnd, BitwiseOr and TypeOf. Support of more complex filters is optional. This Facet has been updated to include several optional Base Information ConformanceUnits. These ConformanceUnits are optional to allow for backward compatibility, in the future these optional ConformanceUnits will become required, and so it is highly recommended that all servers support them.
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Server/StandardEventSubscription

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Address Space Model
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Address Space Events Support OPC UA AddressSpace elements for generating Event notifications. This includes at least one Node with an EventNotifier Attribute set to True (Server Node).   Open

Base Information
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Base Info Progress Events The Server exposes if generation of Progress events for long running service calls such as HistoryRead or Query is supported. If it is listed as supported in ServerCapabilities, than the actual events are verified.   Open
Base Info System Status The Server supports generating SystemStatusChangeEventType indicating shutdown of the Server (SourceNode=Server).   Open
Base Info System Status Underlying System The Server supports generating SystemStatusChangeEventType indicating changes to an Underlying System (SourceNode = Server). This event can also be used to indicate that the OPC UA Server has underlying systems.   Open
Base Info Device Failure The Server supports generating DeviceFailureEventType indicating changes to individual devices in an underlying system.   Open
Base Info SemanticChange The Server supports SemanticChangeEvent for some Properties. This includes setting the SemanticChange Bit in the status when a semantic change occurs, such as a change in the engineering unit associated with a value.   Open
Base Info EventQueueOverflow EventType The Server supports the EventQueueOverflowEventType as defined in Part 4.   Open

Subscription Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Subscription Basic Support the following Subscription Services: CreateSubscription, ModifySubscription, DeleteSubscriptions, Publish, Republish and SetPublishingMode.   Open
Subscription Minimum 02 Support at least 2 Subscriptions per Session.
This number has to be supported for at least half of the minimum required sessions.
Subscription Publish Min 05 Support at least 5 Publish Service requests per Session.
This number has to be supported for at least half of the minimum required sessions. Support, as a minimum, the number of Publish requests per session as the size of the NotificationMessage retransmission queue for Republish.
Subscription PublishRequest Queue Overflow If the maximum supported number of PublishRequests has been queued and a new PublishRequest arrives, the "oldest" PublishRequest has to be discarded by returning the proper error.   Open

Monitored Item Services
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile  Test Cases
Monitor Basic Support the following MonitoredItem Services: CreateMonitoredItems, ModifyMonitoredItems, DeleteMonitoredItems and SetMonitoringMode.   Open
Monitor Items 10 Support at least 10 MonitoredItems per Subscription where the size of each MonitoredItem is at least equal to size of Double.   Open
Monitor QueueSize_ServerMax This ConformanceUnit is for events. When the Client requests queuesize=MAXUInt32 the Server is to return the maximum queue size that it can support for event notifications as the revisedQueueSize.   Open
Monitor Events Support creation of MonitoredItems for an "EventNotifier Attribute" for the purpose of Event Notification. The subscription includes supporting a filter that includes SimpleAttribute Operands and a select list of Operators. The list of Operators includes: Equals, IsNull, GreaterThan, LessThan, GreaterThanorEqual, LessThatorEqual, Like, Not, Between, InList, And, Or, Cast, BitwiseAnd, BitwiseOr.   Open
Monitor Complex Event Filter Support for the 'TypeOf' complex Event filter operator.   Open