"Core Client Facet [deprecated]" Profile

 Description Note: Core Client Facet has been deprecated as it is superseded with Core 2017 Client Facet in v1.04.

This Facet defines the core functionality required for any Client. This Facet includes the core functions for Security and Session handling.
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Client/Core

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Base Information
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Base Info Client Estimated Return Time Client uses the EstimatedReturnTime Property to govern the reconnect logic.   Open

Session Services
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Session Client General Service Behaviour Implement basic Service behaviour. This includes in particular:
– including the proper authentication token of the Session
– creating a requestHandle if needed
– requesting diagnostic information with the 'returnDiagnostics' parameter
– evaluate the serviceResult and operational results
Session Client Base Use the Session Service Set (CreateSession, ActivateSession, and CloseSession) except the use of ActivateSession to change the Session user. This includes correct handling of all parameters that are provided
Note that for the CreateSession and ActivateSession services, if the SecurityMode = None then:
1) The Application Certificate and Nonce are optional.
2) The signatures are null/empty.
Session Client Renew NodeIds This ConformanceUnit applies to Clients that allow persisting NodeIds.
Verify that the Namespace Table has not changed for NodeIds that the Client has persisted and is going to re-use beyond a Session lifetime. If changes occurred the Client has to recalculate the Namespace Indices of the respective NodeIds.
Session Client Impersonate Uses ActivateSession to change the Session user (impersonation).   Open
Session Client KeepAlive Make periodic requests to keep the Session alive.   Open
Session Client Detect Shutdown Read or monitor the ServerStatus/State Variable to recognize a potential shutdown of the Server and start disconnecting.   Open
Session Client Cancel Use the Cancel Service to cancel outstanding requests.   Open

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Security Administration Allow configuration of the following Security related items (when they apply).
* select the allowed/used User identification policy or policies (e.g. User Name/Password or X509).
* enable/disable or select the security policy "None" or other security policies.
* enable/disable or select endpoints with MessageSecurityMode SIGN or SIGNANDENCRYPT.
* set the permitted certification authorities.
* define how to react to unknown Certificates.
* allow accepting any valid Certificate