"HTTPS UA-XML" Profile

 Description This transport Facet defines a combination of network protocol, security protocol and message encoding that uses HTTPS transport and a SOAP XML encoded message for use with standard SOAP V1.2 toolkits. This transport requires that one of the TransportSecurity Profiles for TLS be provided.
 URI http://opcfoundation.org/UA-Profile/Transport/https-uasoapxml

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Protocol and Encoding
Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile
Protocol HTTPS Support the HTTPS protocol defined in UA Part 6.  
UA SOAP-XML Encoding Support Soap V1.2 based Xml Encoding defined in UA Part 6. The XML elements include all information necessary to convert it back into OPC UA structures of any language.  

Include  Name Opt.  Description  From Profile
Security TLS General This ConformanceUnit indicates that at least one of the transport security Profiles for TLS is supported by this application. It is used in TLS transport Profiles, but the choice of transport security profile is optional. The actual used security profile will default to the most secure one.